Midnight Calling

The night has befallen, it is the perfect silence that has a intrigued tale. how is it that there is no sense of contentment but rather it challenges to fight each of them everyday giving… Read More »Midnight Calling

Dose of grief

Bring it on, these breakable dose of grief that shatter your being and moreso now when you hv almost living cold inside, how much more can the shards make you brittle when you can hear… Read More »Dose of grief

Breath -An Irony

what is the anecdote to breathe freelysans any mask or fake attemps to deceive the aircan it still live a happy life when the breathing itself is struggling between the cosmos of inhalers anf morning… Read More »Breath -An Irony


My hands gel very well with the white marbelas my fingertips scrape a portionsqueaking in pain alouddrowning my echoed thudof tears that fell to my bare feethanging in midairwith the motionless eyes wanderingaway to the… Read More »Deadly

When you know it…

if smiling would ease the pain, there would be no dearth  of themif changing yourself would mean life is good, there would be no attitude then.

Dark truth

Many petals witheredAt the cornerwhere the curtains roseThe sunlight did reach insidebut ¬†somehow the petals faded in darknessDo not blame the pillars or window panesOr the velcros that binded the satins to the cornerThe petals… Read More »Dark truth