Midnight Calling

The night has befallen, it is the perfect silence that has a intrigued tale. how is it that there is no sense of contentment but rather it challenges to fight each of them everyday giving a cold blooded invite to a murder of dreams, our dreadful hopes etc. This midnight calls for introspection in lieu of the fears that tossle forth as the heart palpitates to prepare itself for another insomniac night

Breath -An Irony

what is the anecdote to breathe freely
sans any mask or fake attemps to deceive the air
can it still live a happy life when the breathing itself is struggling between the cosmos of inhalers anf morning exercises
in search of a conducive life or carpeted stage filled with a glamorous shots  of smiles
can breathing be an individual opinion or is a vine that needs support to hang its desires on
breathing is a regular phenomena but with a prefix of a Free, it changed its plot very quickly,donno why?!!!!


My hands gel very well with the white marbel
as my fingertips scrape a portion
squeaking in pain aloud
drowning my echoed thud
of tears that fell to my bare feet
hanging in midair
with the motionless eyes wandering
away to the bloodbath around