Cafe Coffee Day

It was late evening that day, when finally we met again,the cold war between us was eminent in the form of ice tea on the tablethe mad rush hour of the cafe couldn’t supress our… Read More »Cafe Coffee Day


If I have a chance to forgo somethingit would be our momentscoz they surface like a sizzlererupt like a molten lava in my heartwhich I can’t share with you.

Call of the ocean

Walk to the shores, though your feet may turn sore,the sand is not purethe colour is just a lurestand in the middle, the waves will try to fiddleyet you hold onto stronglylook at the oceanic… Read More »Call of the ocean

Voice strokes

Often our voices becomes an abstract painting,where the strokes of the fine brush are scattered across the entire sheetare the light shaded brisk strokes all in the mind?but never fail to reach its audience or… Read More »Voice strokes


Is the wired mesh of thoughts fenced through my mind that it is charged everytime,often nowwhy does the smile not help if it aggravates the quotient of happiness!