Partners in Crime

He wanted to race aheadFastening his seatbeltHe plunged furtherBut he was strangulated behindAlmost choked He had to let goOtherwise the devilish clip would push himdown from the 10th floor

Autism- Being a part of you

I was part of you untilyou decided thatthis blood tie could not be a partof a special society like yours! -Autism poem

Paint the truth

Paint me a picture of youWith speck of your featuresA hint highlighting your attributesPaint me a picture of youThat conveys your interestsA insight into your life beautifulI am sure it is no different from mineWhy… Read More »Paint the truth

Standing by you

Steps closer to a dream have taken shapeto believe and fulfillOn a door that has been eager to be knockedA beginning of a journey that has no end -standing by you #autism


I am ready Getting my army readyto shoot all these deadly evilsCorruption, poverty, unemployment, greedy, abusive, miserable onesSpecially have designed a dangerous weaponTo finish off the racists, terrorists and plagiaristI am trying my bestbut they… Read More »Revolution

Love Garden

Grow some seed of Love and understandingso that not just Love flowersbut also understanding blooms for years to come