Napowrimo 8- Déjà vu

I come here each day In a wistful hope A small portion never mind I still dream about it more. Toiling hard with my family, We carve this place into a mould And a déjà… Read More »Napowrimo 8- Déjà vu

A voice to Syrian refugees

This injected pain to see you suffer, distraught and lonely, when I have atleast a decent living is gruesome, whereas we all are inhabitants of the same place called World. I first thought  money would suffice,food and shelter… Read More »A voice to Syrian refugees

My Wish

On the bed I sit holding my chestAs my lungs are troubled with this coughI sip some water and take some medicineTasting bland and then awfully bitter.Gingerly, I pack and seal the last page tooAlong… Read More »My Wish