Thy name

I bought you fresh flowersSang praises in your nameBuilt a new world for youBut you plucked the petals outMocked at the recitalsLeft the abode you were to stayYet you seek tales to be rememberedA royal… Read More »Thy name

Napowrimo -5- Why fret?

My love, in this frosty morning Under the blanket of these clouds, I will take you in my arms, so why fret? You will forget the hazy world outside And drop into a space of… Read More »Napowrimo -5- Why fret?

Frosty Night

Strong currents under the feetSurpassing the tides of the creamO ye winter night,Hold on your reigns and move on gentlyWalk in the light of the moonOn the road of the dark night O ye winter night Pull… Read More »Frosty Night

Winter Message

He didn’t post the words That he wanted to tell herRather left them to cool off in the snowA comforting hug from herWas worth many speechesTo a heart who had winter welcome him at his… Read More »Winter Message

Winter Love Summers

You are like the winters freezing the cold arcs of my haven brewing the warmth with your fire Snuggling the dark spaces inside Even in these humid summers, I feel comforted in your winter love… Read More »Winter Love Summers