Like a spinning wheel Life is rolling over its paunchEach day hoping to dietAnd reduce deceit and grief Yet the weight of this fatty power and greedIs adamant to stayLeaving no place for Peace to… Read More »Wheel


I am walking with my bruised feet On the sands of a timeless painWith an withered body trying to trace the wings of the windsThe volatile tremor to my soul is sharply piercing Forcing my… Read More »Timeless

Little hearts

Her little feet danced tinkering her silver anklets,  her tiny palms clapped as she recited the same verse over again the syllables of  hunger fell on ignorant ears  as prose took the stomach to another… Read More »Little hearts

A voice to Syrian refugees

This injected pain to see you suffer, distraught and lonely, when I have atleast a decent living is gruesome, whereas we all are inhabitants of the same place called World. I first thought  money would suffice,food and shelter… Read More »A voice to Syrian refugees


He gulped a whiff of fresh airAdmist the darkness around himHis trembling hands did The routine he wished he didn’t have toPulling the trigger handle Fastened on the ropeWatching bare legs fighting for its lifewound… Read More »Hangman

Cold Blooded Invite

Peel off a piece of skinBlood won’t ooze outDried liquid will settle on your fingersTears wont clear it out Trying slashing a piece altogetherWater on your forehead will loose out           Knife may be edgier Minutes… Read More »Cold Blooded Invite