You are an Ore In my sea bedYou were minedFrom the earthly lifeTo be OneBut dear love, you were not refinedAnd never shall beI love you as you are! Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My… Read More »Ore


A few lakhs exchanged for theauctioned art in which she was the highest bidderFlamboyantly she held it highmarvelling about the treasure she proudly ownedBut she forgot to applaud the creator of the art pieces standing… Read More »Artfelt


Those eyes that haunt you Lift you to the present A weapon so dear A keeper of secrets Those eyes are demeaning Sometimes hooded with a caring lens  Under their spotlight You remain a minute… Read More »Spotted

Unmeasured Love

I didn’t measure your love with a scaleTo see how much inches I was drowned I didn’t weigh it to know how heavily I was pounded with your love balmI didn’t test its practicality to… Read More »Unmeasured Love


Her emerald green eyeswere lost in the tides of the ocean belowher body lent  on the parapet of the balconythe cosmos of life had hit her hardengulfing her with more complexitiesher efforts to unwrap those… Read More »Cosmos

Love stories

Love stories that are recited even today ofHeer RanjhaJodha AkbharSoni MahiwalRazia SultanLaila Majnu and many moreWhere women sat  on pedestal of loveToday has that element vanished?Is it now only plain worship of deitiesnot even treated… Read More »Love stories