The halo-ed sun  that pierces on his creased foreheadEvery morning as he carries the heavy burdenOf hunger, survival and dreams on his fragile shouldersdoes not guarantee a drop of water

Behind the scenes

Empty streetsLead to homesCrowded mindsUnlimited dreamz


Neatly stacked booksLabelled with the best selling titlesGrab the attention now of early chirpiesWho  visit the lonely lanes of a library    

Seeking Solace

She holds his arm firmlyHer bangles nudging his cufflinksHis flexed muscles strongly holding her closeAs they climb together   The dreadful escalator    


Isnt a dagger enoughto slice my soul into pieceswhy then choose words as a armourto win a one sided battle 


I walk along  with crescent moonto the bylanes with a flickering shimmer of the starsrummaging  through the bin like a ragpickerwho is in ardernt search foruseful things left behind as uselessstill the soul quests is… Read More »Rummage