Bizarre nights

The night has turned bizarre With the clouded discoloured thoughtsThat has knocked off the sleep awayThose hurtful moments surfaceTo the ceilings of my mindWhich refrain from going awaylooming closer as the lights go offAs the… Read More »Bizarre nights

What shall I do

what shall I doto let peace and trust stay for longcompelling them not pack their bags like a guestfrom houses, hearts, cities and country  bordersyesterday, today and tomorrowwhat shall I doto drip the potion of… Read More »What shall I do

Like minds are alike

Like minds are alike He messaged herI do not know the status of my mindwho else will, she quipped but didn’t  replywhat exactly  you mean to do nowshe asked himlet things continue the way they are,… Read More »Like minds are alike

Empty Canvas

Shall I paint you a pictureThat you could colour itGreyCoz black is atleast honest

1 sided luv

The heart is in pieces1 sided luvRefusing to make peaceOf          Option is The wrong piece can be setat the right corner              At least for… Read More »1 sided luv


I can never forget the nightmares I lived in my old house since that afternoonWhen I was gorging happily on my foodMy mum meanwhile gathered few clothes to wash,soon drenched was her own Kurti in… Read More »Nightmare