What is the criteria for corporate appraisalbe consistent and be high or achieve high resultsANS my mind and heart was always

Ongoing Trek

I have forgotten the pathit is not easy anymoreto fight others is still thinkablebut to combat with my own selfis the wildest trek I am heading onsans a goal, blindfoldeda quest for spending the daysbehind… Read More »Ongoing Trek


May I hold the gushing breezeIn my palmsNot letting it go like a quicksandFor it is just a matter of secondsThat the foetus will liberate from its weak heart to sleep into the cold hands… Read More »Breeze


The tide is not over yetThe uprooted life continues to hang like a chandelierFor a weary humane rooster who awaits for the midnight to smile

Way less trodden

The dark narrow lanes lead towards a dungeonwhere hardly a soul residesyes, a few do sans any hope of living without worryThe dilapidated worn out place was once a bustling onewhere the morning ¬†chirpies greeted… Read More »Way less trodden

Wrong turn

¬†I followed the path, the one that led by a sharp arrow shimmering in silver to the paddies, on the trail of the flocks aroundI gathered some dust to feel the goodness of the earth… Read More »Wrong turn