¬†A writer was always writing his/her thoughts into prose or poetry , lines or chapters pages filled endlessly with his/her signature ink turned them into tall pyramids¬† one, two, hundreds and thousands everyday looking at… Read More »Pyramid

Love in need

I seeked love in your farewell hug,a souvenir for my longing heart.


The pebbles that catch fancy of many with its raw appeal does not leave the shore unless it is washed away by the currents or picked up by a traveller. It does not seek any… Read More »Pebbles


How do I grab your attention,when your world revolves only around your social lifeNo, I do not say about work, but can you cuddle me tonight instead of just switching off the lightswill you have… Read More »Attention

Stirred Up/Step up

She fumbles with her words,but dreams about being a birdshe steps in lightly to make sure she does all things right, in that hope that her positive wings will eventually lift her high.But a certain… Read More »Stirred Up/Step up


The embers rose high in the skyof guilt and jealousy that brooded over mindsthe ashes left on the earthcringed the living hearts mourning their plightslowly the ashes smeared on the forehead are turning strongin the… Read More »Ashes