Rainbow Sprinkles

Don’t hide behind those rainbow sprinkles that kiss your cheeks like morning dews Wait for me to lay my eyes on you that had fake freckles of their own I shed those freckles of judgement… Read More »Rainbow Sprinkles

Ongoing Trek

I have forgotten the pathit is not easy anymoreto fight others is still thinkablebut to combat with my own selfis the wildest trek I am heading onsans a goal, blindfoldeda quest for spending the daysbehind… Read More »Ongoing Trek

Love in all seasons

Like a sun kissed beachOn a low tide day     Like an spring laden leavesOn November morningYou whisper memories thatDrizzle like rain   

Trust Me

Hang in there my loveI am coming to meet youfind me there soon standing besides youlet not the heat of the sun nor the rain bother youHang in there my loveI am coming to meet… Read More »Trust Me

Lost Search

Shall I hold you for a minutelet me listen to your voice tooTired eyes have been seeking bruised feet have swollenIn search of you Not forgotten yetCertainly not given up too Having gone miles ahead Still hoping to find… Read More »Lost Search