Being Women

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It was pouring outside I didnt realise it was in my heart the day we became friends and I thought our company would last The good times and the bad we together shared the euphoria… Read More »Starlight

Still Writing

I scribble a few linesrevisiting the times I spent with youThe beautiful togethernessthat even these pages wouldn’t suffice In your name, I reliveevery momentthat brings tears and smiles You became the dawn to my darkness, the oxygen to… Read More »Still Writing

In Thy Name

You inspire meto sprinkle my thoughts onto a pageto create new, leaf out my dreams in this wordly spaceMy ink will continue to write in your nameThou may have not yet read them,but the memoirs… Read More »In Thy Name

A voice to Syrian refugees

This injected pain to see you suffer, distraught and lonely, when I have atleast a decent living is gruesome, whereas we all are inhabitants of the same place called World. I first thought  money would suffice,food and shelter… Read More »A voice to Syrian refugees