Home away from home

It is 5 years today when my feet left this soil My hands missed the touch of these harvest fields My heart lurched for warm hugs of my family And I have just 5 days… Read More »Home away from home

Silk and her Ilk Part 2

A reservoir of grace and beautya damsel laced with humblenessher lovely smiles dazzles alongtrue to her name, she brings happiness A woman of strong characterher decisions makes her what she is,her Universe lies in her… Read More »Silk and her Ilk Part 2

Silk and her Ilk -part 1

A girl born with a strong  personalityher gaze fierce as her passionA talented house of artists as family membersher entry into the silver screen  was a live actionShe made hearts melt with her eyeswe believed… Read More »Silk and her Ilk -part 1

Tribute to my Friend Udita

I reflect into your black kholed eyesThat gaze like  a flowing  river of thoughtsYour sight melts hearts to start living a life through a bioscopeWith a free spirit sans any presumptionsA Vision that speaks and… Read More »Tribute to my Friend Udita