Rhymes of love

Under this beautiful ombre sky When our hearts lurch for each other Our feet dance in estcasy Our eyes dwell in droplets of love It is our contented souls that sync to the rhymes of… Read More »Rhymes of love


Peach shaded shirt became the cynosure of my eyes, the crisp linen on his broad chested shoulders rolled up casually into his roque arms, fairly enjoying the cool quotient set by few buttons opened lurched… Read More »Peached

Love in need

I seeked love in your farewell hug,a souvenir for my longing heart.


Their mutual admiration is just fresh like henna,drawing them closer through chords of love.Soon, the henna may fade away,but serves as a reminder.Once it is gone, you may soon forget about it,But that tender love… Read More »Admiration


Finally, she wrote down her feelings for himHanded over  the paper  scrap when they met at the clubLater that day, his girlfriend post read as ‘the cutest proposal ever’


Stitch a magnificent Heartstrewn by touch of his finger,lighting up green for approval,the solo tune displays affection as hits the right note.