Call of the ocean

Walk to the shores, though your feet may turn sore,the sand is not purethe colour is just a lurestand in the middle, the waves will try to fiddleyet you hold onto stronglylook at the oceanic… Read More »Call of the ocean


What is the criteria for corporate appraisalbe consistent and be high or achieve high resultsANS my mind and heart was always

Q’s and A’s

Love more than what you can, it is often saidbut how do we know much or is it enoughthey interrupt by saying love has no endbut I wonder when was the beginningthey immediately reply that’s… Read More »Q’s and A’s


Refrain from all this deardon’t be a toadthe green is not always an blinkeror a pinned supportit ┬ácan be a boiling bubble frenziedly rising like a dough