Pandorathon -13-May 2020-Fable Poem- Second Chance

(written Based on The Fox and The Grapes)

He landed yet another opportunity
To deal that could create new benchmark
Of his ability, agility that could be his new trademark
But, like the fox, he complained and whined
Of ill-fate and misery that doubled combined
The spark of his positivity had turned into sheer disdain
Once, a prime leader, today preferred to give away his claim
The treasure he owned, he trained himself not to use
Convincing himself that Life was at his ruse
Scorning at others, he did, who paved their way calling it a waste
You can sit and enjoy the fruits leisurely, he said, why haste
But, one day, came an order that got votes as majority
They decided to steal his limelight and shamed his disparity
Within a few months, stood an arch bridge hovering above his head
The Canal just remained a duct for no one to admire, confined into his own bed.

Prompt – Write a controversial poem. Use a fable in it, mix it with what everyone considers unnatural. Draw a picture with your poem’s words about something that shakes every possible ground of human conscious.
Copyright©2020-27th May by Elvira Lobo (All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited) Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.

Call of the ocean

Walk to the shores, though your feet may turn sore,the sand is not pure
the colour is just a lure
stand in the middle, the waves will try to fiddle
yet you hold onto strongly
look at the oceanic expanse and sing a song
the feet will rise as your voice
the poignant resonance of your soul will be glorious due
and then, close your eyes so you can sink into the depths,
the fear of drowning will go, you will casually want yourself sink into it.

Q’s and A’s

Love more than what you can, it is often said
but how do we know much or is it enough
they interrupt by saying love has no end
but I wonder when was the beginning
they immediately reply that’s when God made this world
If so, I question , what happens to love when we die
Loving another still continue if not you, then someone else
But what if love isn’t left in this world , I argue
they answer, so its your duty to leave enough love for all to live.
……They ….my heart and mind