She swirled in his coloured loveOf marigoldOrangish golden sareeAnd the stars felt the heat!


Dotted portion At the helm   Of the  galaxy Flicker  Even with closed eyes


Tonight, I see the painted skyGoing on a date with the moon.Wearing a jacket of blackish greyHe has tucked his lavender shirt With a star studded buttons few.Holding his beloved hand,the beautifully white  dressed moonThe… Read More »Thunderstruck

Night’s Plight

I lay awake to an ellipsis night Where my thoughts are hanging like inverted commas Full of exclamations And intensive questions that have no answers I turn to the moon for a reply But its… Read More »Night’s Plight

Love birds

I watch the sun turned orangeginger faced up in the skyadding a tinge of its presenceto the opaque dressed cloudscomplementing love birdsnestling in each other’s armscuddling under the grey blanketamongst few silver candlelit starssoftly crooning… Read More »Love birds


30 seconds were left the ether effect had started Slowly reflecting on his face his bright face turned pale Yellow to crimson to grey his head turned heavy Splitting with a dizzy headache he could… Read More »NAPOWRIMO – Ether