Ripples in Life

Near the shorethe time dissolves quicklyBut my body still floats…


I am no more the same a part of me has withered away like the white dahilas  you left on my grave…

Off the Coast

Like a flash of water,You drenched meWanting me more of youI sailed in your ocean of loveVoyaging through moments anewThen, why dear did you love me soThat you threw me off in the midst of… Read More »Off the Coast

Gift of Words

I forgot to present to youthe gift of wordsTime travelled so swiftlyThat I left them astrayMy mind did wobble and my tongue did grieve Losing those moments that could have been pleasing  I didn’t lose hope,… Read More »Gift of Words


I am walking with my bruised feet On the sands of a timeless painWith an withered body trying to trace the wings of the windsThe volatile tremor to my soul is sharply piercing Forcing my… Read More »Timeless


He gulped a whiff of fresh airAdmist the darkness around himHis trembling hands did The routine he wished he didn’t have toPulling the trigger handle Fastened on the ropeWatching bare legs fighting for its lifewound… Read More »Hangman