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Do their words hurt you?

Do their words hurt you? Are you afraid and guilty to say things that were once normal to you? Yup, I am talking about Toxic people who sabotage your peace. Stay away from these toxic… Read More »Do their words hurt you?


Transport me to the times/place where I shall be myselfcoz I am no more that old onethat skin has been marinated for long and it was time that it needed to be fried and testedTested… Read More »Transportation

Bizarre nights

The night has turned bizarre With the clouded discoloured thoughtsThat has knocked off the sleep awayThose hurtful moments surfaceTo the ceilings of my mindWhich refrain from going awaylooming closer as the lights go offAs the… Read More »Bizarre nights


Soon I will be goneinfact thinking of leaving soonpacking my bags offfrom this cobwebbed lifea spider’s intervention#revelation

Naked eyes

the cold black eyes bare the darknessthey bore for a million  timespearly dead in their visionstill thirsting fora drop that will slide down its iris