I am unsure as these anxieties have killed my hopes my boredom has lost its wayBut still I am not really happy or feeling goodNot so sad or wailing.But unsure, prodding overas this piercing void… Read More »Maze

Jigsaw puzzle

Pick that piece dearYes the one in front of youHold it close to your earListen to the voices that echoed lost moments fewGive a glance, lend it a sightYes, you will find in it a… Read More »Jigsaw puzzle


What are these for, who gave , Where do I keep them;she told Putting away all the cards and gifts into the bin How I do stop you from that , he pondered, holding her… Read More »Okay?


The makeup of smilescurl up to show a frownladen with sparkling eyestreating to a hint of hate The beautiful bouquet of words salivate a pot of shoddy vices wearing a cool comfy jacket hiding an insecure heart that blazing into… Read More »Reject