Winter Message

He didn’t post the words That he wanted to tell herRather left them to cool off in the snowA comforting hug from herWas worth many speechesTo a heart who had winter welcome him at his… Read More »Winter Message

Winter Love Summers

You are like the winters freezing the cold arcs of my haven brewing the warmth with your fire Snuggling the dark spaces inside Even in these humid summers, I feel comforted in your winter love… Read More »Winter Love Summers

My Yume

In you I seek solaceResting my faith in youI believe you are created for meThat my life revolves around youSo what if we yet to meetTo know and to love each otherYou are my Man,… Read More »My Yume


Like the glaciers, we are melting into one Blending us together  so very deep Like a volcano, we are waiting to eruptFlaming out to the last ever degreeLike the eclipse, we have now obscured our… Read More »One

This Winter Night

  I sniff your scent as you pull me close for an embrace,I snuggle tightly in your arms as you tickle open my dress’s lace. Oh, this winter night makes me go mad in your… Read More »This Winter Night


ONE WINTER NIGHT Snow white dressed, I wave out to him. My Lover Knight, showers me with a romantic grin. Snow white dressed, I melt in his arms and hug him close. My Lover Knight,… Read More »ONE WINTER NIGHT