To quote happinessYou may not be happy alwaysTo quote loveYou may not be in love alwaysSo, I carry a portion full of smiles with meAnd share them with loveatleast there is no dearth of laughter… Read More »Happiness

Chord of life

Wearing a striped shirtShe draws parallel to live anewWith pink hues that blush on her cheeksAs looks forward to meet her dear one who stands parallel across the platform

Sharing a laugh

Laugh along with meat the dingy cobwebssmile to the pricky wormsa flex of muscle could initiate some goodnesshow long will the pest controlled tongue spray its venom 

Grim tale

his curvy smilecouldn’t take awayher snoopy frown 


Smiling when your heart weepsis the most difficult exam to writefooling even your own self