Wandering deep in my thoughts I trek along an unknown journey The warnings dont defy my steps Nor do the fear shadow over my beliefs I do not know how far I have come I… Read More »Companion


Closing my eyes, I drop off to sleepentering the gateway of my dreamshazy grey they look towards medrifting farther the more closer I seektangled thoughts brush past my mindI just see myself walking unsure of… Read More »Tangled

You -My Shadow

I blinked my eyes in surety To see a reflection of you That moved by my side like a passing wind I dodged the crossroads to see you hideĀ  But creeped again to simply follow… Read More »You -My Shadow


I sit amongst the heap of books in the corner of the shelf, immersed in the secret work to find out clues before it turns twelve. Each page brings a strange news as I flip… Read More »SECRET SHELF