Like the last dewdrop on the leafI live in this momentNot knowing whether I will dry away or fall off

Lurking in the dark

I lurk in the darkand have almost reachedtowards the endevery inch closer that I goI move slowly….I cannot stop right awayNor can walk backThe darkness has almost invadedIt is time just to move another step……


Empty passagesBarricades separate themOne in darkness


A bird came flying downFrom the zoomie of the blue skyToeing its feet on a branch That snooped its neck on my window. I stood watching the little ignorant one With its marooned eyes staring at me. Probably it… Read More »Unanswered

Shores of Life

Walk on the shores of life, My Love,let not the waves stop you,Drench your feet inside the sands, My Lovelet the warm earth feel you.Freely travel  the world outside.let the anchor be you. Copyright ©2015 by… Read More »Shores of Life