The Yellow Lamp

In that hardly lit room, with just a pale yellow lamp,he sat moonfaced staring at his ironed clothes that hung loosely on the fragile hangers.The long overcoat followed by his grey leather jacket,his collection of… Read More »The Yellow Lamp

Ongoing Trek

I have forgotten the pathit is not easy anymoreto fight others is still thinkablebut to combat with my own selfis the wildest trek I am heading onsans a goal, blindfoldeda quest for spending the daysbehind… Read More »Ongoing Trek

Mocha effect

Sipping a cup of mochaSimmers down my anxietiesAnd activates my reflectionsbrewing inside the aromaand intoxicating my soulfor my lover knows me best


Are you content with life?I asked himIt all depends on your replyHe   answered.I smiled and asked him  againWill it change if it is a  yes?It still depends on you,  he repliedAnd what if it… Read More »Intent