Pandorathon- 3-May 2020-Roots

Buried deeper into the dreams, these scattered roots are entangled into themselves and also among their own. Over the years, the repositories are amassed many highs and lows. They have been showered with sprinkles of happiness and little bouts of ecstatic fertilizers . There were sad phases too when dirty manures and flith was thrown with smirks . Yet , the roots have withstood them all . Not, that there were no complaints or grumbles. There would phases of depressed or sullen looks about its worthiness or whether they would embark to see the sunlight one day. These experiences today have made them stronger, wiser to face hurdles of any storm or rains. They have built a reservoir of wisdom and learnings meant to learn from that could overcome any obstacles like breaking away from the chains of endless tangles with ease. The roots are now on an apex of being steady to decide its future rather than following another’s trail. True, it hasn’t foreseen the odds or the future looks bleak like the time after the sunset, but it laid the fossils to dream , to aspire , to forgoe negativity and pave your own channel that may grow into a new blossom – one of its kind .

Prompt – Roots: The saga of an American Family is a 1976 novel by Alex Haley about an adolescent in Africa sold into slavery, transported to North America. A bestseller adapted for a television series, it left indelible impressions on my mind. I would like you to write whatever you feel about your own roots and what you expect this tree to bear in the future by Lilly Swarn.

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napowrimo- 26- april 2020- prompt- ekphrastic poem

With opening Keat’s lines :
"Places you can find love-
It sits around lurking in places".

Places you can find love
It sits around lurking in places
Like me seeking beyond the hues of the sky
At this end
Where I felt everything around me
Is filled with colour
The charismatic sky has worn a blue ombre jacket
Giving company to the car having deeper blues of her own
Even clear blue waters complement them and smile as they swim across below
But I have worn a dull grey look
Seeking for my soulmate who probably lurking in some place
This soulmate of self-love that I seek
Probably she too prefers a coloured personality
I call out to the universe and wish I could also be happy coloured lover
I promise to love her dearly
My friend on the other end waves out
Laughing as I hear his echo
Tells me, you are surrounded by love already
Why search around, see the colourless sky has embraced newness of the blue
The waters below share their joy to every stream and greens along her way
The car to has chosen to immerse herself to some meditation
And I am just like you my friend
Just that you find me wearing a coloured palate each day
As the say " grass looks greener on the other side"
It is only the clouds that you see that hover around me
I am one of your own
Says the rock from opposite mountains to me
Copyright©2020-4th May by Elvira Lobo (All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)
Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.

The Yellow Lamp

In that hardly lit room, with just a pale yellow lamp,
he sat moonfaced staring at his ironed clothes that hung loosely on the fragile hangers.The long overcoat followed by his grey leather jacket,his collection of wine coloured shirts and tees,his favourite blacks that clicked on every occasion and so on. The last one, further down to the end was a bright coloured shirt which had lost its gleam in the dark.His memory made him think it was an original ivory but now was an elephant’s tusk.He unwillingly held that one closer to him even as the lamp flikered more often now.The fabric had worn its life away but the touch felt the same. He put it on his bare chest while the clumsy dark pants clinged onto his legs.He marvelled at that blurry mirror which camouflaged his existence!

Ongoing Trek

I have forgotten the path
it is not easy anymore
to fight others is still thinkable
but to combat with my own self
is the wildest trek I am heading on
sans a goal, blindfolded
a quest for spending the days
behind  the contact  lenses
and anxious long nights
under the darkened refuge of oblivion.