NAPOWRIMO- Femme Fatale.

An enchantress, She seduced him Charming him by her beauty and enticement In exchange for a priced gift from him That of His soul which was sucked away Ignorant of this deal, he was still… Read More »NAPOWRIMO- Femme Fatale.

Love Beyond Times

He walks closer graciously with a smile leaning his head to my ears I can smell his fragrance captivating just like his personality freezing me to stay still Seconds, probably moments passed, absolute silence stays… Read More »Love Beyond Times


Drape me with your touchcomfort me with your tempting warmthLet me place my lips closer to your napeBreathing in your luring scentSnuggle more closer ¬†with your infectious smileOwn me ¬†with your flirtatious anticsLet me soak… Read More »Intimacy