Where my madness is noise to your deafening earsSo be itCoz my love is probably like the conch shell  !!!


The risen sun walks on the shores of the seacrimson coloured gelled with the berry blue seabelow asbstained from any vicesagainst the thundering currentsbrooding over the anchored boat that delves on the edgeblessing  the wayward… Read More »Seaside

The mystic mariner

Off I went zooming  past him to catch my scheduled trainclutching the umbrella in one hand and my bag in another.Excusing myself from the rustic crowd bumping almost into the ticket collectorI wriggled finally to… Read More »The mystic mariner

Ripples in Life

Near the shorethe time dissolves quicklyBut my body still floats…


Allow this moment to be yoursBe the pilot navigating  this shipLook how the course of the wind will change towards your  coastThis voyage of happiness  will bringLet’s  not doubt the tideOr fear its arrivalBe the… Read More »Tidings