NAPOWRIMO -Seed of Love

Awakening to your nights and sleeping through your mornings I didn’t quite realise When you made me a victim of your smiles Between the gap of my fingers I still feel your strong touch How… Read More »NAPOWRIMO -Seed of Love


Your kiss still lingers on my lipsA Wet passionate oneTempting with sensuous gripA Sweet taste stays on my tongue I try compose myself better to absorb this muchBut you arouse me  again with your velvety… Read More »Kiss


On this nightfall that turns darker and quiet I look up to the stars that are smiling bright From million miles away, they selflessly share the joy of happiness with everyonethey only wish to wipe… Read More »Star

Dream Girl

Hi there you are , My Love,Dressed  in a wine coloured gownSeated near the corner table at the restaurant Baby, you look so beautiful radiating bliss aroundAdding a dash of colour to the whiteI watch… Read More »Dream Girl