Pandorathon- 5-May 2020- TEN TO TWO

It was ten to two on the watch
And time was slowly ticking by
Somehow every tick matched my pulse
Making me more than anxious
After all, It was my first date with him
The table was set with muffins and tea
a tissue box and a flower vase
setting the perfect vibe I dreamed of
I heard a tick – tick and click-click again
This time , it wasn’t mine, but from the other end
He had arrived and took his seat
I looked down fidgeting with the seam of my top
While he chuckled and started a conversation
The tea simmered our concerns
And moments were savoured with bites of the muffins
It was almost five past thirty
When many childhood memories were recollected
Untold secrets were shared
List of favourites were chorused
And future dreams were prepared
There was a tick- tick and click- click again
But, it wasn’t me or him alone
Together we matched just like our walking sticks
Wandering one step at a time
Prompt 5- "A strong gust of wind blew out my/the candle" Use this sentence to weave your own literary piece around it in prose or poetry.

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napowrimo- 18- april 2020- lady blue

The windshield bore witness on their behalf
While the speeding  wheels  scrambled over the hills
Laden with flower gardens on the  right and patches of  beautiful crops on the left.
It welcomed the spring that began its journey
From city side to the scenic locale of this little town
Away from the hustle of the traffic
To the tapered sky-flakes that almost hugged the earth
The windshield saw them through the skimmed mire
To  the massy blocks  of brawny  sands
The sun that broke into their hesitance and awkwardness
To the savage wind that nipped at their cheeks
He sat them down several times
To break the ice and resurrect the forgotten bloom
But , like the sweep change in temperatures,
They preferred to cling towards the opposite ends
Late evening , they had reached the arch of a new haven
A journey worth being pleased
A winged butterfly was the first to approach them
sitting on the bonnet with absolute ease.
She was Lady Blue, fluttering her wings
Watching  them with immaculate admiration.
The windshield grabbed this opportunity
To zoom in more focus to get a clear view of the beauty.
Under  the crescent of the sun began to set
Lady Blue greeted  them with  her golden lined wings
As they stepped out to her  courtyard
There was neither a rainbow nor any dewdrops to gasp
But the windshield heard the slight flutter of a heart.
This spring had dawned during a hazy dusk,
In those beseeching eyes which searched each other for unsaid words
The seed of forlorn love which finally  shed its cover
And there bloomed a butterfly yearning for his nectar.
As they kissed to a new beginning, something fluttered
Amidst the radiant smiles and enriched souls
Two  hearts and two witnesses
Lady blue sweetly resting on her bosom
While the windshield proudly captured this memory!

The prompt is to write a poem about the blue butterfly based on Robert Frost to celebrate Blue butterfly day and include at least 5 elements/objects /words from Frost’s poem ( spring, mire, flurry, flower, wheels, wind, sky-flakes, wing ).

Copyright©2020-4th May by Elvira Lobo (All rights reserved; unauthorized use prohibited)

Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.


Peach shaded shirt became the cynosure of my eyes, the crisp linen on his broad chested shoulders rolled up casually into his roque arms, fairly enjoying the cool quotient set by few buttons opened lurched by my heart to skip few beats. The peach fabric played naughty by lazily resting on his strong frame letting me get a peak of his amazing body that had slowly started leaning against mine!

In thy name

If love had a heart,wouldn’t it melt like ice,dissolve like salt and spread like fire
yet our inhibitions forsake us to let it pump in one
the enormous heart is divided into pieces by this love
but we lose it, to keep it for us
have that innocent one become ferocious and wanted
that later it turns away and brings sadness
all in its name for no fault
coz we wear only a piece of heart of love

Opposites Attract

 I know you dont belong to me, nor do I
we are like the moon and sun who are just part of this glorious universe
yet there is a chemistry that is stronger than an equinox
the turbulence in our soul cannot even fathom the clouds
this love is so deep and wounded, complex like an eclipse
that with the elegy of rains, everything will be flooded,but unable to contain