I am ready Getting my army readyto shoot all these deadly evilsCorruption, poverty, unemployment, greedy, abusive, miserable onesSpecially have designed a dangerous weaponTo finish off the racists, terrorists and plagiaristI am trying my bestbut they… Read More »Revolution


Oh did I not request you last timeto join me in fightingwith your armour of wordsAgainst the evil one call plagiaristA reminder once more,Better guard and lock your sleevesDon’t be awful then if it dares… Read More »Armoury

Ink anew

Every poem has something to sayUnique in its own wayThank you dear poets, words fall short of praiseEvery time I read your work ; I relive, enjoy and also come across new chirpies who sing… Read More »Ink anew

Silent spectator

Sharpen your views,Silence has lost its glory,it is now just a spectatorthat has no audience when the match is on,none are willing to even play on its behalf, no bets laid on its glorious serviceall because… Read More »Silent spectator

Home for All

Call the people home,home that has a simple stay,unaffected by the misgivings, hopes or  vicesLet it be a abode for a fresh beginning that calls it familythat includes and treats all  as one irrespective ofall… Read More »Home for All

Light A thought

Light a new revolutionthat can see beyond the conventional sceneLet flames enkindle the dead passion that stays awake only at night to one’s own self.Let the wax melt the negativity from the fossils of ideasthat lie… Read More »Light A thought