Are reasons necessary if so many have been and unanswered until nowprobably will be left the samethose reasons have nowhere coz then laughing through sadness didn’t cost a querylowering self esteem didn’t deter the jealous… Read More »Reasons

What shall I do

what shall I doto let peace and trust stay for longcompelling them not pack their bags like a guestfrom houses, hearts, cities and country  bordersyesterday, today and tomorrowwhat shall I doto drip the potion of… Read More »What shall I do

Fill your palate

Fill the palate with tinted green leavesThat we could paint it over the lonely birchesOn the hills,  near the streets,  the parks everywhereAs the era is seen where greens are slowly fading away as a… Read More »Fill your palate


Word your way outfor in today’s  timesit is the only confidantewho cares less aboutyour profile updates or selfiesit is your soul partner who knowstoo well when you  try camouflage  things   verb your thoughts onas it… Read More »Inklet

Greedy Deed

Oh what the world is uptothat a hasty decision has led  toSwarming to us come many eager onesTo tide  off this evil standing early in the hot sunMany weddings, house repairs, medical emergencies to care… Read More »Greedy Deed

Revolution reloaded

Oh did I not request you last timeto join me in fightingwith your armour of wordsAgainst the evil one call plagiaristA reminder once more,Better guard and lock your sleevesDon’t be awful then if it dares… Read More »Revolution reloaded