Is Ethos of Poetry Lost or Gained?

poetry ethos

In this microscopic world of Twitter and Instagram, where we articulate our thoughts in bite- sized spaces. What is that essence of words which resonated for centuries through diaries now having a digital vision lead to?

Life has been an ongoing tale of mystery spiced up with a battle of sweetness and sourness. Often people used to sit down to pour their feelings into words after a long day. The moment of happiness is probably an assurance, that the soul seeks inwardly. Well, over the years, that has been not just a refuge, but a place where you could be yourself unjudged.

Small group of people gathered to celebrate poetry recalling the legends of their times and also appreciate the new that weaved a tale of their own. Now spoken poetry has taken over riding on their voices that sometimes dilute the very words it meant to share. It is being broken, sneered and also slammed(Slam poetry).

Writing itself was a intricate voyage of mind and heart that would sync the writer with his/her readers. Does it always today? The once long poems that would be occupy page(s) now confines to a mere few lines. Do we blame our attention capacity now or feelings have been too chaotic to infuse a ‘Sonnet‘ or more complex ‘Villanelle’. Grammar which was once an essence of impactful poetry is hammered in the name of humour, instant gratification. It has successfully developed a niche to read quick poetry having its own cult status.

Today, the definition of being cool and in the league demands we whip a new dish not knowing whether it deserves more salt or sugar. In era of digitization, poetry has got itself into its own Rebranding. It has been boon for many of them who get a chance to share their work getting them more visibility and connected community. Eg: Insta Posts, haikus.

In gamut of writing, and the whirlwind world of publishing, which took ages (read :months or even years), today poets have entered the world of literary festivals, writing contests, anthologies etc. Self publishing has thus created its own niche justifying its ethos.

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Pandorathon- 14-May 2020- Break Up Letter – A Closure

break up rust

Dear Q,

Hi, there Q. Surprised aren’t you to find this letter . Well, I am too, considering the fact that since  last we met, we left leaving many questions, doubts hanging  in midair and cared less to answer or even oblige it.

Does the expresso coffee still remind you of those bitter coffee beany allegations we perfectly mouthed at each other. You know Q, from the time we have separated, do you actually realize we haven’t been sleeping on time or eating right and even coming up the weirdest possible excuses to stay away for a project. Hugs to those memories when we were added different layouts and frames to beautify our Love rather than keeping  a default set-up and pale faces. It doesn’t work that way right?

I am writing this to finally put words to our infinite silences, awkward glances, sly blinks that have been courting through a rough patch. I do owe  all that you very well introduced me that opened my perspective in different aspects of life. I am trying hard to avoid the gazes that you put across like a hot blazing cocoa and also managing myself to stop milking those past memories.

But, we cannot remain tagged together in every slide but present our faces separately to the world and specially to our shunted egos. Can we?


Your last slide

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Pandorathon-9-May 2020- Ghazal-Bring it on My Love

Bring it on my love, time stands still

To bear witness to the feelings you have built

Light up your world with a vigour renewed

Move beyond the past, enjoy the future’s thrill

Bring it on my love, time has taken its pace

Previously your beloved, now just another face

Remember Love doesn’t heal on its own

You need to act upon, preservance needs to be shown

Bring it on my love, time has been vanished and spent

Enough tears of pain shed and shoulders lent

Kindle your energy by making  ‘Love’ your friend

Do not blame, abandon or abolish based on one chapter that just took an abrupt end.

Prompt– #Ghazal on the theme- Love

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napowrimo- 30-april 2020- from a point of view of someone who hates me

Shall we begin for finally I get an opportunity
To blurt out on a spree
How do those eyes behind those spectacles
Have that spark that always tries to resonate itself with life
Bungee jumping at every opportunity
Now sits pale and silent averse to any light
Thank goodness it has slumbered down
Otherwise it seemed really unbearable
To see your enthusiastic self buzzing around everywhere
Like a ray of hope to people who felt low
And even us who couldn’t but had to acknowledge you
Weren’t you a nerdy crazy bundle then
who didn’t shy from playing pranks on random people
and yet sneaking away like a puppy
How well you mimicked almost everyone , including seniors and bosses
Who somehow just enjoyed your damn company and laughed away
Really surprised that you could forge a relation
Even with strangers and make them feel at ease
Those affirmative statements you made among friends,
greeting people like me who spited off your back
For which you were supremely contented as a good deed
Did it bring anything back to you, of course not
Because you didn’t expect anything in return, be it career or relations
But you left to carry baggages of our bullying and taunts
The cost of sane living crushing some of your dreams
I wished strangely, I could dupe you better
Well, well even if you shun away,
You are my laughing stock now
For your absurd decisions that you hardly learn from your mistakes
Crude enough I say, your weak heart has been duped
To believe everything is good
And probably, that’s why you fracture your soul
With more bandages to count than before

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napowrimo- 23- april 2020- mirror

The room is fairly lit up today
After the window screens providing me comfort all this while
There she stands facing me
My beloved for whom I yearned for
I immediately call out to her, saying Hi
She smiles but quickly ssshh's to remain quiet
This longing was difficult for me
But all that is melted now with her presence
Her dimple cheeks still matches the pink lillies that sit outside in our garden
The frail but prominent fringes on her head toss up in slow motions as she strokes them carefully
I see her shifting some invisible thoughts on each leg that graced my sight everyday
I am shamelessly guilty but I still stare at her with a beseeching look
To devour every moment I sat in recluse
My heart tries to hold its breath for a minute as she slowly undreses in front of me
Nudging me with a sly wink and a raised brow
I think she did hear me moan as she took a step closer
Letting me have a vivid view of her firm collarbones
Her breezy arms that waved up to her face
The soft breasts that she fondled for a minute or so
The buldge of her stomach taking deep breaths
Few stretch marks were taking naps in the guest rooms
One on each side
I found her dapper navel sitting on a mesh of wires
And then figured out it was some sort of surgery marks
As she winced in pain on a random touch
I offered to comfort her as she rubbed them in circular motions
And tiny tears welled up her sombre eyes yet she still maintained a poise I admired
Opening my arms wide, I asked her to surrender all the pain I was willing to bear
She giggled a little and then her gaze shifted away
Towards a voice now clear to me as a baby's babble
"Thank you, but I need to go", she said, giving me a flying kiss and walked away towards the end of the room.


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Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from Google. I don’t claim any of its rights.