I promised you but didnt keep anywhen needed the most, I walked away leaving you emptyYou pampered me silly and fulfilled my demands, all and manyyet I hurt you everytime taking off all the liberty.I… Read More »Repentance

My Yume

In you I seek solaceResting my faith in youI believe you are created for meThat my life revolves around youSo what if we yet to meetTo know and to love each otherYou are my Man,… Read More »My Yume


You are the reason for my existence That inspire my lungs breathe a lil more                             Your very presence is so  satisfying… Read More »Existence


They sat at the corner table, A romantic dine they wished to have. A bottle of wine and a cake celebrated their moments, The sweet whispers made their feelings more strong. “Hi there, how are… Read More »THEY TWO


I like his company, his devoted presence baffles me. I like his sense of humour, his honesty awes me. I like his perfectionism, his positivitism drives me. I like her company, her presence makes me… Read More »I CONFESS