A lyrical note

She faced her fatheras she sang the song on the podiumconfirming his approvalon the lyrics as he had once writtenthe chorus gently meltedin their gaze

Hidden truth

the barren islandfilled with scenic beautydoes look pleasing to the eyewhere everyone come tofind happiness, peace and have a fun timebut eventually all leave this islandalone in its loneliness~ relationships

No regrets

I asked you onlya pen and paperBut you were really kindFor sharing few moments of life with me~No regrets~I have onlypen and paper nowI am also being kind and generousTo ink many memoirs in your… Read More »No regrets

Comet of words

A comet of  wordsDarted to strikeFell like a pack of cardsIn the form of drops of sweat…

Muted in Love

I did not look at the sky to seehow its vastness could envelope me under itI did not grumblewhen  I was drenched by sudden drizzlesI for that matter never questionedthe sun who swam down the… Read More »Muted in Love