Love stains

Standing under the shower,bare to the mirror and barely to myself;I scrub the stains off my skin,the stains of your unrequited lovethat has borne one with my flesh.It has mingled  with water and bears sympathy… Read More »Love stains

Life and odds

His nonchalantly smile, her brave actions were a symphonyI never realusrd when I trailed leaving my conscience  away to a placr where i wouldsurrender my soul to him, devoured in the prize of beibg famous,… Read More »Life and odds

Trail of conscience

He is now grown up ladyet a fear or a pressurestays within him to please his parentsthose childhood memories which were married by hurt still sit onhis shoulders carried by him everywhere he goesreflects his dual… Read More »Trail of conscience

Thy Love

Kiss thy lips my love for they lust for the tasty grape drink,pour thy seducing potion of love that mingles with a cocktail of red rose-ed blissslip in your hands to comfort this nervous soul… Read More »Thy Love


As her mind entangles with the yellowish pages of lonelorn library book, her soul sips into  dungeons of the mystic lanes of new york where Sylvia,her enchanting muse is seated in a bureau office inspecting… Read More »Dungeons

Bizarre nights

The night has turned bizarre With the clouded discoloured thoughtsThat has knocked off the sleep awayThose hurtful moments surfaceTo the ceilings of my mindWhich refrain from going awaylooming closer as the lights go offAs the… Read More »Bizarre nights