Empty Full

If I could fill you with enough will be sufficient,can it cascade your life, even though it may be brittle nowcan this bridge the lifeline we are held with, can you stop from the overflow… Read More »Empty Full

Call of the ocean

Walk to the shores, though your feet may turn sore,the sand is not purethe colour is just a lurestand in the middle, the waves will try to fiddleyet you hold onto stronglylook at the oceanic… Read More »Call of the ocean

Voice strokes

Often our voices becomes an abstract painting,where the strokes of the fine brush are scattered across the entire sheetare the light shaded brisk strokes all in the mind?but never fail to reach its audience or… Read More »Voice strokes


If hopes were built under the sea bed,wouldn’t it be nice that we could just dive and watch our hopes float happily,reside therewe could visit it everytime we faced blueswould get rid of the complex… Read More »Dive

Coloured ink

I do not know if the ink is blue, black or redif the verses spelled out are sweet,subtle or stressedin my eyes,the ink’s shade does not matterI am more worried about its shadow going to… Read More »Coloured ink

Q’s and A’s

Love more than what you can, it is often saidbut how do we know much or is it enoughthey interrupt by saying love has no endbut I wonder when was the beginningthey immediately reply that’s… Read More »Q’s and A’s