Ripples in Life

Near the shorethe time dissolves quicklyBut my body still floats…

A Reminder

It stays as a reminder every monsoonA portion still dampLays hidden behind those cracked walls 500th poem inked -Its my Life poetical journey has start begun

Scarish thoughts

I need to shelter under some jacketto cover the scarsthat you left behindthat has dirtied itself with the worldly imprintstouches of a cold shoulder.


Let me hold ransomthe LifeĀ bind him with handcuffsissue a trialstart a crucial proceedingĀ so that he learns the basicshow to swim rather than how to diveinto an oceanto reach the shore along with othersnot leaving anyone… Read More »Trial


Interlocking my heart with a wirethat gets electrolated so quickly ,you may need to find a extinguisherBut you may not find pieces of it to be buried

Living a Life

Lock into my heart and you will knowthat I mean every wordDo what I feel in accordancewith happiness that lies within my heartBut fruit of joy or feelings remainsnever showed for account