Be my guide

He soared high and followed his heartCrossing every mile with the passion of a larkShe stood by him always like a beam of ¬†lightA guiding force she has been to the marshall who has to… Read More »Be my guide

The times

It has not been easyMay be never willThe caricatures draw themselvesIn drops of pain stillPlastered in all whiteThey are being drilledCoded in grey almost getting killedMay be it is timeAnd no time left to spillI… Read More »The times


Dillusive thoughtsto carry offA status symbolAn image responsibilityNow even the soulHas forgotten its true identity

Once Again

I thought gulping downthe painful memories would doBetter than munching on themSo I grabbed a glass of waterTo let them drown forever and quicklyBut it still left a trace of tasteOf clumsy wet piecesthat needs… Read More »Once Again

Love Letter

Can I patronageA love letterCelebrating our every momentThat does’nt confineto any margins or linesWords that don’t just proclaimBut exclaim the love we doOne that’s bold enoughYet still shy like the italicsOne that’s not numberedOr battered… Read More »Love Letter

A hug, A cuddle and A Kiss

I fairly remember My LoveEvery hug, cuddle and kissThose lifetime momentsBetween usThe noses that smelled romanceThe lips that whispered for an answerThe hands that mingled its wayThe times when just a cuddle could stop worries… Read More »A hug, A cuddle and A Kiss