Is the wired mesh of thoughts fenced through my mind that it is charged everytime,often nowwhy does the smile not help if it aggravates the quotient of happiness!


Are reasons necessary if so many have been and unanswered until nowprobably will be left the samethose reasons have nowhere coz then laughing through sadness didn’t cost a querylowering self esteem didn’t deter the jealous… Read More »Reasons

Bizarre nights

The night has turned bizarre With the clouded discoloured thoughtsThat has knocked off the sleep awayThose hurtful moments surfaceTo the ceilings of my mindWhich refrain from going awaylooming closer as the lights go offAs the… Read More »Bizarre nights


The halo-ed sun  that pierces on his creased foreheadEvery morning as he carries the heavy burdenOf hunger, survival and dreams on his fragile shouldersdoes not guarantee a drop of water

No regrets

I asked you onlya pen and paperBut you were really kindFor sharing few moments of life with me~No regrets~I have onlypen and paper nowI am also being kind and generousTo ink many memoirs in your… Read More »No regrets


I thought it was loveBetween usThat sashayed throughOur talks, laughter and silencesBut I realized it was loveOne sidedThat blazed throughMany dreams, desires and beliefs