Are reasons necessary if so many have been and unanswered until now
probably will be left the same
those reasons have nowhere coz then laughing through sadness didn’t cost a query
lowering self esteem didn’t deter the jealous lots
if every reasons were so important then a dad wouldnt belittle his daughter
A mother wouldn’t scorn her son
schools neednt be international acclaimed
autographs need not be starstruck

Bizarre nights

The night has turned bizarre
With the clouded discoloured thoughts
That has knocked off the sleep away
Those hurtful moments surface
To the ceilings of my mind
Which refrain from going away
looming closer as the lights go off
As the bare eyes search for unresolved solace
and The silent tears lean on the pillow

No regets

I asked you only
a pen and paper
But you were really kind
For sharing few moments of life with me
~No regrets~
I have only
pen and paper now
I am also being kind and generous
To ink many memoirs in your name
Which are still a revelation to your knowledge
~No regrets~