Writer’s move -2

An acknowledgment did away with any resemblance to factshe knew she had jumped the gun, she knew how to actsoon, a conference was aired for the book,she answered the anticipated ones with a vigourHe called… Read More »Writer’s move -2

Writer’s move -1

The book was just a ploy, a plot to deceive the young boyfor when she wrote each word, she certainly knew thatthe syllable would prick him hard like nothing else couldThe cover of the book… Read More »Writer’s move -1

Midnight Calling

The night has befallen, it is the perfect silence that has a intrigued tale. how is it that there is no sense of contentment but rather it challenges to fight each of them everyday giving… Read More »Midnight Calling


 A distorted soul, he veered into an anguish yet she didn’t complain; not that she wasn’t  offended but she seeked solace in his dominance , arrogance and most importantly the monetary  gains he bestowed with.… Read More »Shades


As her mind entangles with the yellowish pages of lonelorn library book, her soul sips into  dungeons of the mystic lanes of new york where Sylvia,her enchanting muse is seated in a bureau office inspecting… Read More »Dungeons

Scenic pastures

The silent waters cascading from the rhymes pour upon the beautiful terrain gardening them soaked under an esclipse bath of painted colours draped in sheer fabric of satin that swoons over the epitaph of myriad… Read More »Scenic pastures