If my walking  on your shoresmakes you so uncomfortablethen dear , why did you camouflagethe entry  to your heart?


Let me turn the lights dimeven my shadow  willbear witnessTo your halo in the frame


She had enoughA headstrong person that she isJust couldn’t handle it anymoreAfter all it was him, about himThat made her go weak in her kneesThose coffee brown eyes that brewed her mindThat she starkly blurted… Read More »Stakes


We walked the aisle together Holding hands  and heads leaned onto each other We professed our  vows and sealed with our kiss How  then did we drift apart that today we stand facing each other… Read More »Seal

Still Writing

I scribble a few linesrevisiting the times I spent with youThe beautiful togethernessthat even these pages wouldn’t suffice In your name, I reliveevery momentthat brings tears and smiles You became the dawn to my darkness, the oxygen to… Read More »Still Writing