Is Ethos of Poetry Lost or Gained?

poetry ethos

In this microscopic world of Twitter and Instagram, where we articulate our thoughts in bite- sized spaces. What is that essence of words which resonated for centuries through diaries now having a digital vision lead to?

Life has been an ongoing tale of mystery spiced up with a battle of sweetness and sourness. Often people used to sit down to pour their feelings into words after a long day. The moment of happiness is probably an assurance, that the soul seeks inwardly. Well, over the years, that has been not just a refuge, but a place where you could be yourself unjudged.

Small group of people gathered to celebrate poetry recalling the legends of their times and also appreciate the new that weaved a tale of their own. Now spoken poetry has taken over riding on their voices that sometimes dilute the very words it meant to share. It is being broken, sneered and also slammed(Slam poetry).

Writing itself was a intricate voyage of mind and heart that would sync the writer with his/her readers. Does it always today? The once long poems that would be occupy page(s) now confines to a mere few lines. Do we blame our attention capacity now or feelings have been too chaotic to infuse a ‘Sonnet‘ or more complex ‘Villanelle’. Grammar which was once an essence of impactful poetry is hammered in the name of humour, instant gratification. It has successfully developed a niche to read quick poetry having its own cult status.

Today, the definition of being cool and in the league demands we whip a new dish not knowing whether it deserves more salt or sugar. In era of digitization, poetry has got itself into its own Rebranding. It has been boon for many of them who get a chance to share their work getting them more visibility and connected community. Eg: Insta Posts, haikus.

In gamut of writing, and the whirlwind world of publishing, which took ages (read :months or even years), today poets have entered the world of literary festivals, writing contests, anthologies etc. Self publishing has thus created its own niche justifying its ethos.

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 A writer was always writing his/her thoughts
into prose or poetry , lines or chapters
pages filled endlessly with his/her signature ink
turned them into tall pyramids 
one, two, hundreds and thousands
everyday looking at it with pride ofcourse
but  with an urge to surpass all expectations 
   A time has now come
the walls have been so strong and huge
he/she has never taken a step beyond the wall
to greet ,meet or appreciate other writings 
to know  what it feels to see a smile on their face
for all of you are Significantly the same
   He /she  wouldn’t care to understand that
an amateur is as brilliant as an accomplished one
that amateur will be guided, know of their abilities and errors 
only if that constructive feedback or appreciation is put forth
   And likewise a very good writer needs support, many positives
to hold onto, to  drive his writings in future 
To accelerate his thoughts, his ink into a powerful domain
Rich in  both content and context
   Irony is that the pyramids have blocked most of the path
turning it narrow to be walked on by only one 
And since the people beyond the wall have never met or know him/her
That writer has to take a positive progressive step
If only it is desired…….decide for yourself !

Fill your palate

Fill the palate with tinted green leaves
That we could paint it over the lonely birches
On the hills,  near the streets,  the parks everywhere
As the era is seen where greens are slowly fading away as a condensed spot on the packets and signals
What is in store for most popular woods then!

What purpose do we serve

what purpose do I serve
by eating off the wedges of many hearts
living in a self centered life
oscillating my thoughts
to a world of my own
where there is no place for sharing or giving
but expecting immediate returns
where I am the Alpha
seething in anger and jealousy
whilst still dumb enough
to expect to be considered  wise