Spark of My Life

Music to my soul strum the chords of my heart  Lover,play your role deliver your active part Poet, pen your words letting feelings sprout  fill all the pages of my body leaving no space out… Read More »Spark of My Life

Eyes with a voice

Your eyes speak a lot to me conveys more than your wordsIt is an ocean filled with memoriesSharing all that been occurred your eyes exhibit a strong energyThat is so difficult to resistIt brings warmth… Read More »Eyes with a voice


I am trying to find youThe one who is mineEvery street every dreamI call out your name everytime Clues and traces I keep  a track ofThe one unknown, but dear to meYou sometimes crossed my… Read More »Seeker

Our Unrequited Love

My heart did a little jig the first time I met you Simmering the memories of  sips of tea  we shared  Everyday, the funny silence and your coyiness added a reason to many moments of… Read More »Our Unrequited Love


You are the reason for my existence That inspire my lungs breathe a lil more                             Your very presence is so  satisfying… Read More »Existence

New Year Inklinks

I wake up to the sunlight beaming on my face, To another new dawn  on this earthly place. I sprinkle drops of water to my still dazing eyes, Clearing for it to see new ideas.… Read More »New Year Inklinks