Poet and musings

Almost half the mile crossedstill a decent journey aheadwhat it takes for a poetto leaf out his heart?moreso when you areprompted to dive intoan ocean of quotes and thoughtsstitching them togetherwith a quill that inksa… Read More »Poet and musings

Sharing a laugh

Laugh along with meat the dingy cobwebssmile to the pricky wormsa flex of muscle could initiate some goodnesshow long will the pest controlled tongue spray its venom 

Writing planner

How many do you plan to writeThey ask you very oftenYou may answerNumbers are like the rainbowOnce a showstopper, later a shadowRather follow your heartWhich stays there like a couchIt may beat on every rhythmBut… Read More »Writing planner


I am ready Getting my army readyto shoot all these deadly evilsCorruption, poverty, unemployment, greedy, abusive, miserable onesSpecially have designed a dangerous weaponTo finish off the racists, terrorists and plagiaristI am trying my bestbut they… Read More »Revolution

Hearty Messages

I hear the ring of the messagesfrom countless hearts waiting to telluntold stories as they sit down to penConnecting the dots, I read to know and enjoy¬†different thoughts and emotions,a poet’s world is a truly… Read More »Hearty Messages

So much to say

Questions and Comments attack me ,I face them all.But I too have a question and comment to make When will it change, or should I change my ways of treating them or each of you!… Read More »So much to say