Like a spinning wheel Life is rolling over its paunchEach day hoping to dietAnd reduce deceit and grief Yet the weight of this fatty power and greedIs adamant to stayLeaving no place for Peace to… Read More »Wheel

Tribute to the Army

All assemble at onceStanding together in teamsPledging to fight against all oddsThey shout out in chorus And disperse to get ready for the moment  The clock strikes; a minute later, Gun shots, explosions are heard  Smoke… Read More »Tribute to the Army

Midnight Fairy

Let me fly, Let me fly, Let me fly; Oh Thee, to the stars and the moon waiting to greet their Midnight Fairy. I will seek also the people to relieve them of all of… Read More »Midnight Fairy

Mission- Peace

In our hustle-bustle lives, we rarely have spare times. Amidst chaos, strikes and endless fights, struggling for Peace with all mights.Violence has dampened our beliefs, When can this end and we be relieved???? Politics is… Read More »Mission- Peace