NAPOWRIMO- Deception

It is finally time to decide that it is either you or me The grey shadows are mere fake shields That protect us temporarily The sly game has gone beyond our wit Challenging temperaments to… Read More »NAPOWRIMO- Deception

NAPOWRIMO- Scarecrow

He stood there anxiously waiting for her to comeOne last time he had promisedto end this unrequited loveHe revisited his memories leaning across themTattered, broken and deserted like him.He gulped his sorrow, looking towards her… Read More »NAPOWRIMO- Scarecrow


She saw it Her dreams being washed away Crushed under the pressures of the stones Clammed behind the drains She saw it Her dreams slowly drown Withered and faded Vanished from her sight She tried… Read More »Abandoned


Tossed and turned everyday he burned in the jail of Rules suffocated and caged he struggled with age carrying baggages of ridicule He tried his best accepting every test hoping to fit in braving against… Read More »Confined


Hungry wolveswait for their preya rabbit slips and fallscelebrations heldnot to fill their tummiesbut to mince words and stalk Copyright¬†¬©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My Life Disclaimer: The image(s) in the post are taken from… Read More »Scorn


Terribly hurtI was hit by a jolta blow that sliced my heart into piecesand it didn’t stop at thatBruised gorilyeven my grieved eyes forgot to crylifeless soul muffled its voice in silenceand body deserted itself… Read More »Inferno