Deep Dive

She stood near the bridge Watching the water flowing swiftly Balancing her files in one hand And clutching her handbag in another  The cool breeze curled her hair onto her cheeks Made her eyes blink … Read More »Deep Dive


I am walking with my bruised feet On the sands of a timeless painWith an withered body trying to trace the wings of the windsThe volatile tremor to my soul is sharply piercing Forcing my… Read More »Timeless


He gulped a whiff of fresh airAdmist the darkness around himHis trembling hands did The routine he wished he didn’t have toPulling the trigger handle Fastened on the ropeWatching bare legs fighting for its lifewound… Read More »Hangman

Beating Blues

My heart flutters like a butterflyGlimmering like a glow wormVeins are fighting for spaceCrushed together insideIn agony, it wailsBut sheds not even a tearIt thumps loudly      Screeching till my ears.   Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo-… Read More »Beating Blues


She gasped for breathsweating profuselytrembling from head to toes.She banged her bedroom doorSitting on the edge of the canopytrying to feel the flesh on her bones.She sobbed and wailed loudlyThinking about the gruesome incident.But she… Read More »Revenge


     She sprinkles some water on her faceAwakening her eyes to the new dayWiping her face with a towelShe dries away all the pale.Latching the door tightly,       She sits down on the floor Clenching her… Read More »Scathed