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Do their words hurt you?

Do their words hurt you? Are you afraid and guilty to say things that were once normal to you? Yup, I am talking about Toxic people who sabotage your peace. Stay away from these toxic… Read More »Do their words hurt you?

Who would hold a candle?

Who would hold a candle to a lonely person in sheer sadness, grief  unable to express.who would comfort this depressed being everytime his/her beliefs are tested by the very trusted people .who would light a… Read More »Who would hold a candle?

Once Again

I thought gulping downthe painful memories would doBetter than munching on themSo I grabbed a glass of waterTo let them drown forever and quicklyBut it still left a trace of tasteOf clumsy wet piecesthat needs… Read More »Once Again


We walked the aisle together Holding hands  and heads leaned onto each other We professed our  vows and sealed with our kiss How  then did we drift apart that today we stand facing each other… Read More »Seal


As the moonlight falls on meI try to empty myselfdrop that hopeful glintinto the very darkness everyday I pick up a pair of scissors open up the stitcheswipe off all the marksstill your name seamed… Read More »Stiched


I am unsure as these anxieties have killed my hopes my boredom has lost its wayBut still I am not really happy or feeling goodNot so sad or wailing.But unsure, prodding overas this piercing void… Read More »Maze