Clutching your  arms I  wake up to your dawn rise to your sunshine smile lighten up with your brewing kiss My  love, you make me blossom in  your radiance That follows all through the afternoon… Read More »Union


You are an Ore In my sea bedYou were minedFrom the earthly lifeTo be OneBut dear love, you were not refinedAnd never shall beI love you as you are! Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My… Read More »Ore

He and She

Poles apartBut a common thread that binds themis their mutual admiration. A hearty talk, smiles and fun make their own one space But Life had other plans That led to a big change She decided to step aside  without saying… Read More »He and She


I made up few notes dearThat my heart keeps reciting all dayHear them carefully clearIt contains words I may not sayYou tell me I am ignorant,And too busy in my own worldBut baby, I still… Read More »Madonna

Chocolate love

your taste still lingers on my lips sweet and tempting like a chocolate melting inside Un- nerving lust feasting on my weakness warming up my body confusing my senses Copyright ©2015 by Elvira Lobo- Its My… Read More »Chocolate love


Like the glaciers, we are melting into one Blending us together  so very deep Like a volcano, we are waiting to eruptFlaming out to the last ever degreeLike the eclipse, we have now obscured our… Read More »One