Call of the ocean

Walk to the shores, though your feet may turn sore,the sand is not purethe colour is just a lurestand in the middle, the waves will try to fiddleyet you hold onto stronglylook at the oceanic… Read More »Call of the ocean

Ripples in Life

Near the shorethe time dissolves quicklyBut my body still floats…

Coral reefs and more

She sat on the reefBubbling some breath       Her eyes glinting               the shine of a coralShe played with her hair cheerfullyInterlocked with coloured pebblesHer dress adorned a beautiful dozen of rubies, diamonds and sapphires    Wearing a… Read More »Coral reefs and more


Lathered ocean brisked in the noonAnchored behind a shipThe corals swallowed some starfishes in a spoonFlagging alongside a dip.The  tides took  a sun bath  on reaching near the coast,Accompanying its pal to a recreational  trip,Sailing… Read More »Countryside

Oceanic Merry

The blue ocean danced todayTo the joyous beats of the rainsTapping and swaying to the movesOf the coast that boisterously cruised.The dolphins waved to the cloudsDiving the corals towards the shore.Sweeping and gladiating through the… Read More »Oceanic Merry

Adrenaline Dive

I didn’t see the depth of the ocean before I gave up to my inner emotion. I let my breath to do its work, and closed my eyes before I went berserk. The next thing… Read More »Adrenaline Dive